Thursday, September 1, 2016

Update on Smart Meters in Tulsa

via Tulsa 9.12 group:

 On Aug. the 4th PSO customers on the by-pass list received a letter with an indemnity clause as a condition for not accepting the "offer" of the AMI meter. That is, you have to sign a release of liability letter for PSO to install your non-communicating meter. No previous mention of that in OCC hearings.

 Why would the OCC and the Attorney General's office allow PSO to install a hazardous meter on a dwelling or building and force the occupants to forfeit their safety and their right to hold the Company liable for any harm the meter may cause?

 Tulsa 9.12 is working with the State Attorney General's Office and legal counsel on whether PSO can require the 520,000 non-opt-out customers receiving meters from their inventory to sign a release of liability.

I'm in Nowata, and have not received this PSO letter yet.
~ Randy Hamilton

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