Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Forbes: Smart Meters Challenge Privacy Rights

Smart Meters: Between Economic Benefits And Privacy Concerns

 An advanced metering infrastructure smart meter monitors energy con-
sumption near the Catering and Conference Center at the Washington
Navy Yard. The smart meter records energy consumption data every
15 minutes and sends information to a single, secure system allowing
managers to monitor and control energy systems throughout the install-
ation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  Next generation utility meters better known as “smart meters”, used to measure remotely and in real time gas, water, and – above all – electricity consumption,  are now being deployed by several companies in many States across the U.S. While growth has leveled, after legislative incentives drove an initial boom between 2009 and 2012,  installations are expected to make steady progress over the next 10 years.

French Ban On Wifi In Daycare Centers

  (NaturalNews) The French National Assembly has adopted a bill to limit exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) generated by wireless technologies - cell phones, tablets, Wi-Fi etc. This bill will mean the following:
  • A ban on Wi-Fi in all childcare facilities for children under the age of 3.
  • Cell phone manufacturers will have to recommend the use of hand-free kits.
  • A ban on all advertising targeting children under 14.

Canadian Backlash To Wifi Schools

Are We Cooking Our Kids?

  "What I urge of all of you is to rise above the mud slinging and the pretend science and be the ones who finally show integrity after all this time. You might think your task is limited in its scope, but you are in a unique position to provide a tool to the lonely voices on the school boards who might want to take precautionary action. You could suggest that dramatically safer standards be set in places where children are forced by law to spend six hours a day for their entire childhood."